Inmogolf, the developer of the resort, is responsible for the maintenance of the public roads and the general provision of water and power services. Other aspects if the environment infrastructure are the responsibility  of the General Community.

The principal service is that of sweeping of the public roads. This is usually done twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) but if there are particular problems, for example bad weather, this may be increased. 

The maintenance of the street lighting is also the responsibility of the General Community, but its provision falls to the resort developers as does the maintenance of the drainage system. 

The resort manages to produce around 1,200,000 tons of rubbish every year peaking during the summer months. Disposing of this in accordance with regulations is a significant task for the General Community. Collection bins are provided to all individual properties and to Communities, which may have more than one collection area depending on their size. The bins themselves are provided by the General Community – grey for general household waste, yellow for plastic and blue for paper and card. There are two sizes with the smaller ones generally used for individual properties.

The General Community has two garbage trucks that make a daily collection (excluding Sunday) of general household rubbish and three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) paper and card are collected. In the summer months these services may be extended to match the increased demand.

There is an external company that provides glass disposal containers which are located in La Sabinas, La Plaza, behind the Owners Club and in some communities, such as Las Brisas or Golf Bungalows.

There is an Eco Park located behind the Owners’ Clubhouse which is available for recycling purposes. The Eco Park is open on Tuesday and Friday between 9.30am and 11.30am

To minimise the risks to people on the resort, the General Community provides facilities and experts to deal with rodents, cockroaches, wasps and processionary caterpillars. The resort is also sprayed annually to deter mosquitoes. Owners are encouraged to report any problems or infestations to the General Community office. Pests within properties are the responsibility of their owners. 

The General Community is responsible for the planting and maintenance of the gardens along the footpaths throughout the resort and the flower beds at the entrance gate. The boundary hedges along the roads are the responsibility of the owners of the properties.

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