Security is the most significant item of expenditure for the General Community. This reflects the high priority given to the safety and security of people and property by the General Community since its inception. Over the years the security operation has grown in scope and professionalism and La Manga Club can now lay claim to be one of the safest and most secure resorts in Europe.

For urgent matters Security can be contacted at any time on +34697 560 211. Non-urgent enquiries should be made to the General Community office during opening hours on +34 968 175 774.

The Securitas App is also available to download onto your smart phone and can be used to contact Security directly. In order to use the App you must be connected to the internet, either via wi-fi or using your phone’s internet connection.

Securitas, which currently provides the security guards at La Manga Club, is a fully licensed, private security company. Every guard employed at La Manga Club has been fully trained and completed more than 200 hours of study at an academy approved by the National Police Authority. Each guard takes a final examination with the National Police Authority in Valencia or Granada which they must pass to be authorised to undertake their duties.

In the course of their duties the guards are empowered in accordance with legislation controlling the activities of private security companies to stop, question and identify anyone they consider suspicious. All identifications made by our guards are properly documented and copies are taken to the Guardia Civil offices where they are formally recorded.

Owners can do much to improve their safety and the security of their property and its contents. Simple measures can keep their property secure. Open doors and windows, keys left in locks and valuables left in view are all examples of invitations to thieves. Owners should not hesitate to report any unusual or suspicious activity. A guard will respond to investigate and even if nothing untoward is found, the presence of the guard will always act as a deterrent. Advice is available through the General Community office regarding property security.

If owners have fitted an intruder alarm system, it is important that it is properly maintained and owners should ensure that windows are not left open, or pets loose in areas where sensors can trigger false alarms. Owners should also ensure that management company staff, cleaners or other visitors know the system and its operation and where possible have their own entry codes and use them.

Every false alarm wastes security staff time and can be a nuisance to your neighbours. In an effort to deal with repeated false alarms, the General Community has adopted a policy to alert owners to the problem and continued problems can lead to suspension from security guard intervention.

Owners and visitors alike are reminded to be aware of the presence in the area of petty criminals who are always on the lookout for opportunities to steal your belongings. Pickpockets and bag snatchers are known to be operating in the local towns and villages, particularly at local markets and shopping areas:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and take care to avoid becoming a victim to this type of crime.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash and/or credit cards with you and ensure that PIN’s are never kept together with cards.
  • Keep car doors and windows locked and don’t be fooled by people attempting to distract your attention whilst someone else relieves you of your bag or wallet.

If you do fall victim to petty crime you can report this to the National Police in Spain in your own language. Operators are available to receive reports in either English, French, German or Italian. Call +34 902 102 112 to make your report. You will be given a reference number and asked to call at the nearest National Police station within 48 hrs to sign the police report. For La Manga Club this will be in Cartagena near to Plaza de España. This report will be sent by the police to the nearest police station where the crime was committed.

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